Clippers’ Blake Griffin T-shirt was problematic and disappointing

Published on 13 Tháng Tư, 2018

Clippers’ Blake Griffin T-shirt was problematic and disappointing

The Clippers gon’ Clipper.

But the problem in Los Angeles isn’t with the players, it’s yet again with the front office.

Last Friday, Marc J. Spears from The Undefeated tweeted an image of a T-shirt that was created in efforts to keep Blake Griffin in Los Angeles.

Griffin re-signed with the team on a five-year deal that will pay him $137 million dollars. With the departures of Chris Paul, JJ Redick, Paul Pierce and Jamal Crawford due to trades, free agency, or retirement, the deal was the good news that the team needed.

However, it came at a price.

The shirts that were originally given to the team during the preseason were supposed to inspire them to play like the greats whose faces were on the front: MLK, Obama, Ali, JFK, Lincoln, Gandhi, Michael Jackson, Einstein, and Mandela.

But the shirts were altered, and the slogan of “LA Pioneers” was added to the front, along with a picture of Griffin.

To put this into its proper perspective, the team that was previously owned by an overt racist named Donald Sterling, decided that this t-shirt was a good idea

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated for being the face of the Civil Rights Movement and has a monument in Washington D.C.

Barack Obama was our first Black president.

Muhammad Ali is considered to be the greatest boxer of all-time and lost his best years in the ring due to his activism and protests.