VIDEO: Timothy Woods, MMA fighter, knocks himself out less than two minutes into fight

Published on 12 Tháng Tư, 2018

Look mom, no hands!

The Timothy Woods vs. Tim Caron fight at CES MMA 48 finished with a bang on Friday night.

That bang was Woods knocking himself out 83 seconds into the action.

The fighters were grappling up against the cage when Woods decided to try and throw Caron onto the mat and get the upper hand.

But as they both fell to the floor, Woods did not put his hands up to brace the fall.

Defenseless from his own momentum, Woods’ forehead smacked into the mat and left him unconscious.

Seconds into Caron realizing this, he began to throw punches but the fight was quickly stopped.

Woods was carried out on a stretcher and became responsive minutes later.