14 Alternatives to Online Money Transfer paypal alternatives

When paypal stopped serving in many countries, many people started to look for an alternative to this situation, we did a comprehensive research for you and collected paypal alternatives in one article.

1.) Stripe

Stripe, frome-commerce to regular invoicing; It allows you to make all kinds of payment transactions. The money sent to you is credited to your account within minutes. However, you must purchase a subscription to use this service.

To go to the site address: Stripe

2.) Flattr

Flattr is a small payment system for you to buy things you like from foreign sites. In order to use Flattr, you have to pay a small monthly amount. This payment is automatically deducted from your account at the end of the month. According to some rumors, Flattr makes a cut according to the trading situation. However, we do not have detailed information on this subject.

Flattr payment system also has an android application, so you can make your payments more easily. In addition, the flattr payment system comes with a QR code. You can make your payments with simple QR codes. This payment system is valid for websites that receive Flattr, Apisi.

Flattr also gives you commission for promoting the application. You can visit the official website of Flattr application to learn more about this subject.

To go to the site address of the Flattr application: Flattr

3.) LiteCoin

Litecoin is a cryptocurrency used all over the world. Its production is different from bitcoin. LiteCoin confirms your transactions more quickly. Usually your transactions will be confirmed within 2 minutes and 30 seconds. The firm of this currency offers 24/7 service. LiteCoin can be purchased or generated. LiteCoin, produced with computer processor power, is valid in many parts of the world.

According to the company’s statement, it is said that Litecoin production will be 4 times more than bitcoin.

LiteCoin firm initially thought of being a rival to bitcoin. However, later on, the currency became very popular and started to be used in shopping. That’s why we thought LiteCoin currency could be an alternative to paypal. If you do not know about cryptocurrencies, you can try other alternative systems. 

Since Litecoin is a cryptocurrency, you need to research. 

4.) TransferWise

It is one of the tools you can use for foreign currency trading or banking transactions. However, it will charge you 5% or more commission during these transactions.

Click to go to the TransferWise site TransferWise

5.) Google Pay

It is one of the fastest and simplest payment methods for users who want to buy Google’s services. You can also shop through many stores. Go out, Shop or have a meal without a wallet. All you need to do is to register your bank account information in the application. Google pay is an application that allows you to make quick payments over the phone.

In addition, the new login tab safely stores all your information. Google pay is often used by users who want to shop in online stores. You can see your latest purchases or find out about deals in nearby stores.

You will be able to shop with the world thanks to Google share, which has millions of users around the world. You can also make contactless payments at contracted stores.

Users who want to shop around the world such as Paypal; They can try Google pay.

To learn about Google pay and go to its official website: https://pay.google.com

6.) Amazon Payments

Amazon Paypents, used for online purchases; is a service offered by amazon. It was put into service by amazon in 2006.

As for the reason to show it as an alternative to Paypal, it has the ability to transfer between users. Transfer to other users or receive your payments through Amazon Payments. You can then withdraw your money from Amazon to your bank card.

To learn about Amazon Payments and visit the site, click:  https://pay.amazon.com/

7.) Open Collective

The best feature of this system is that you can make money transfers without adding a bank account. Receive your money without adding a bank account when shopping with foreigners. Then either transfer your money to someone else or add your debit card to your bank card.

You can also track where this money goes and your past expenses in detail.

Click to visit the official website and learn about this topic: https://opencollective.com/

8.) Revolut

Revolut is an app-based banking alternative. With Revolut, you can easily send money, exchange or shop online. You can subscribe to the Revolut application, which has a total of 26 currencies, in just 30 seconds. It is said that he received a small amount of commission according to foreign sources. We cannot know how accurate it is. You can also create virtual cards as Mastercard or Viza.

To learn more about Revolut and visit its official site, click:  https://www.revolut.com/

9.) Payza.com

Convert or transfer any kind of money. Your money is completely safe.

Click to go to the official website:

It is an online money system established for individuals or online businesses. Thanks to Payza, users can transfer money with each other, or shop from supported sites.

However, this service has been stopped by the US government, so it is not currently used. 

10.) Apple Wallet

You can buy plane tickets or movie tickets with this wallet. The wallet is valid in many parts of the world. It uses Touch on your iPhone or iPad devices to make your shopping transactions. It is a wallet you can use with Apple assurance. As an alternative to Paypal, users who want to keep their money safe can use this application.

To learn more about Apple wallet, click:  https://support.apple.com

11.) Webmoney Transfer

WebMoney Transfer is a global banking system for online business activities, established in 1998. It has been serving more than 26 million users since its establishment. You can transfer money via Webmoney, send your money to your bank account or load money into your webmoney account via your debit card. Your transactions are activated very quickly and in a short time.

To learn more about Webmoney transfer, click:  https://www.wmtransfer.com/

12.) Yandex Money

Yandex Money is not just a wallet or a tool for online shopping. Paypal is one of the closest tools you can use to buy something on the Internet and transfer money to your relatives or friends. You can also use the Yandex Money application to pay your traffic tickets. Top up your wallet from your bank card. Send money to your friends or relatives through the wallet. You can withdraw money sent to you.

To learn more about Yandex Money, click:  https://money.yandex.ru/

13.) Payoneer

In the statement made by the Payoneer firm, “Our first goal is to enable users around the world to exchange and transfer money with each other and to ensure the growth of businesses. We aim to make our customers more successful by bringing together the currencies and businesses of all countries. In our world that changes and develops every day, we do our best for our customers and businesses to be successful. “

Click  to learn more about Payoneer

14.) Neteller

Neteller is a global payment system fully open to the public and made by the British. You can use this site, which serves more than 180 countries and continues to grow day by day, for money transfer transactions. However, recently, netels have been used by gambling companies for money transfer purposes. Therefore, we cannot say that it is very reliable. However, if you want to make instant money transfers, you can use netels.

To learn more about Neteller, click:  https://www.neteller.com/