App for buying and selling used items

App for buying and selling used items, we all suffer from many used items that we no longer need and cause a lot of chaos in the house without benefit, and we are looking for a way that we can benefit from them, so we are looking for the best application that allows buying and selling used items easily and quickly.

Now with a user application, you can display your used or new goods that you do not need for sale, and you can also buy a lot of used goods of high quality and at a very suitable price, all this and more is provided to you by a user application, which is the official application for the famous used site.

What is used?

Used is the first and largest electronic market on the Internet, and it provides free and direct advertising service on the Internet to provide a service for buying and selling used items. User offers millions of ads per month and is used by hundreds of thousands of users who trust it to the fullest extent, as it provides the possibility of direct communication between the seller and the buyer without an intermediary To complete business transactions quickly.

App for buying and selling used items
App for buying and selling used items

Sections of the application for buying and selling used items

The application includes 10 basic sections for various products arranged from newest to oldest according to the date of publication, and you can save the advertisement you want by pressing the heart icon next to it to be registered in the favorite list for easy access at any time: They are as follows:


It is the comprehensive section for all the products displayed in the application of all kinds without classification, where you can browse all ads for buying and selling used items on the application in one go.

Cars & Vehicles

This section allows you to display your used car for sale or you can also buy a car from among an unlimited number of cars and vehicles offered, whether new or used, of different models and sizes.

Real estate and property

It is the section dedicated to offers houses, apartments, and various real estates that are used for various purposes, whether for housing or for business, in addition to many lands of different sizes and in distinct areas.

Trade and projects

The section displays everything related to projects or shops, whether products or offers for buying and selling, importing and exporting, in addition to shipping and transportation services and more.

Industry and Transport

The department offers various types of heavy equipment for sale, many types of trucks, and everything related to the processing of factories and workshops in general. The user can obtain the necessary equipment to prepare his project at the lowest prices among a huge number of used products.

Computers and the Internet

This section includes offers for desktop computers, laptops, and their accessories. The application also enables you to search for a specific brand of the computer by choosing it from among many brands, to show you all its ads, whether new or used.

Phones and numbers

The section displays phones of all kinds, their spare parts, phone accessories, and communications devices, and many services and applications, in addition to phone accessories and special numbers at the best prices.

App for buying and selling used items
App for buying and selling used items

Devices and tools

The section is dedicated to appliances for home use, such as home appliances of all kinds, office appliances, in addition to surveillance cameras, security devices, audio equipment, as well as various sports equipment.

Jobs and services

The section displays a lot of job advertisements and applications for employment, such as home business services, public works, and many jobs and various services, whether in companies and private institutions or individual businesses and so on.

Accessories and miscellaneous

The department offers a lot of distinctive luxury products or rare collectibles that their owners offer for sale at attractive prices. These products have their lovers and collectors, such as valuables, jewelry, watches, and distinctive perfumes, in addition to many accessories and cosmetics.

How to register an account in the application?

You can register an account on this application to be able to display advertisements for your used products or order some products. You can also use the messaging service to be able to write to the advertisers to agree on buying and selling operations. You can easily register an account through the following steps:

  • Choose a username.
  • Choose a password.
  • Write down the phone number.
  • Activate the feature to show or hide the number.
  • Click on register.

Features of the application for buying and selling used items

  • It is one of the most important applications for buying and selling used items in Saudi Arabia.
  • The application is very organized and displays each type of merchandise in a separate section to facilitate the search for the user.
  • When viewing mobile phones and computers, it shows you a lot of their brands, so you can choose ads for a particular brand over others to save time.
  • Downloading the application is completely free and using it as well, and do not receive a commission for completing the entire sale or purchase process.
  • The interface of the application is beautiful, simple, and easy to use.
  • The application enables you to quickly search through the search engine without the need to move between sections.
  • The application displays an unlimited number of diverse goods.

How to set up an application for buying and selling used items?

App for buying and selling used items
App for buying and selling used items

Your store

Here, the app shows you the purchases you’ve made.

Your messages

It displays the messages exchanged between you and other customers or users.

Your account

Which enables you to manage your account, modify your data, receive notifications, and more.


It is for displaying products that are available for sale or purchase.


It is a section dedicated to discussions between users on various topics, in addition to many tips and recommendations.

User commission

Here, the application displays the commission allocated to a user site from buying and selling operations, which is estimated at 1% of the value of the commercial transaction.


It presents the definition of a User’s website, its associated application, its importance, the services it provides, and its policy.