Vacancies for full-time sheep care

Vacancies for full-time sheep care, some think about raising sheep in order to make a profit, but some things must be thought about and a plan of action should be drawn up before starting a sheep breeding project to ensure the chances of success of the project before it is actually implemented, to eliminate the possibility of incurring any financial losses, whether due to the wrong choice Bad idea or execution.

Vacancies for full-time sheep care

Work and vacancies for full-time sheep care, let’s see. Farms and pastures are spread over large areas of German land. This profession is almost extinct due to the scarcity of working hands of young shepherds, most of whom study in cities, leaving the farms of their parents and grandparents, but the matter is different in some German provinces. Wide for many.

Vacancies for full-time sheep care
Vacancies for full-time sheep care

Job opportunities in vegetable and fruit farms

Especially after the owners of pastures and livestock offered job opportunities as a shepherd with good salaries, in addition to that, a house within the farm is suitable for the family as well.

Work and vacancies to take care of sheep full-time, and farms and pastures are spread over vast areas of agricultural land everywhere, and this profession is almost extinct due to the scarcity of working hands of young shepherds, most of whom study in cities, leaving the farms of their parents and grandparents, but the matter is different in some German provinces, so raising and feeding livestock It was widely admired by many.

Shepherd job has been vacant for a year with an attractive salary

A family living in a remote city located in the east of the republic had offered a job as a shepherd a year ago, with an attractive salary that even managers cannot reach, as it reaches about $1,400, and is scheduled to increase to $1,600, in addition to other advantages. To this day, this family has not succeeded in registering anyone intending to work in this position.

Belkis, the wife of the farm owner who found herself obliged to take care of the sheep in the morning, told the newspaper: “We searched a lot and were tired of this issue.

She added that she takes her young children to help her graze the sheep, which negatively affects their educational attainment, as they sometimes do not go to school. “It’s a very attractive salary that managers don’t get in this town, I don’t know why they don’t want to come here,” she added.

In addition to the attractive salary, the family will give those who apply for this work an amount of 50 kilograms of milk, in addition to wool, shoes, clothes, packs of cigarettes, and phone credit. Surya Oak, a member of the family, confirmed, “She is sure that her family will raise the amount to 5,000 pounds (about 1,600 dollars) because they know the difficulty of the task.

Pros and cons of the sheep breeding project

In general, raising sheep has many pros, but on the other hand, there are cons that must be taken into account when starting the project, or even for amateurs who want to raise them. We explain the pros and cons as follows:

Advantages of working in the pasture

Size: Young sheep require less space and time, as well as fewer resources compared to cows, for example, so sheep are an excellent option if you do not have much space and time to provide for larger animals.

Feeding: Sheep are not picky, because they eat any grass and can grow and thrive in pastures or farms with little resources, but they must be well fed to ensure they grow at the required rate.

Fertilizer: Sheep rot is a great fertilizer, so it can be used as a natural fertilizer.

Ease of handling: Like pets, sheep are docile and trainable, so they can be placed with any other living creatures you already have at home, such as chickens.

Achieving additional profit: In addition to the financial return that can be obtained from fattening young sheep and then selling them, an additional profit can be achieved by marrying these sheep to produce other sheep that can be sold.

Disadvantages of working in the pasture

  • Cost: The sheep themselves are not cheap, and caring for them can be expensive, especially if you need to rent a place because there is no suitable space in your home.
  • Possibility of injury or death: Some sheep can eat a poisonous plant or be exposed to any disease or health problem that causes their death, so raising them can carry a kind of risk.
  • Parasites: Sheep are also susceptible to parasites and should be euthanized monthly. Their eyes, skin, and horns should also be checked regularly for disease and infection.
  • Lack of daily income: The sheep farming project does not have a daily cash flow like other commercial projects, such as the supermarket project, and a profit can only be obtained after a long period of raising and fattening young sheep.

Job description

It should be a simple and accurate description of the main components of your business, including a short overview of the business, details about the business location and facilities, business ownership, and the history of the farm’s establishment.

Production plan

The sheep farming project production plan includes the products it will produce, how they will be produced, and the expected production quantity. This step should also include any licenses and regulations that may affect the production plan that has been established.

Marketing plan

The project’s marketing plan should include a short summary of recent market trends, any marketing alliances you have or would like to build, an overview of primary and secondary marketing strategies, and any competitive advantage your business has.

Financial plan

The financial plan for a sheep farming enterprise may be the most important part of the overall business plan. The items you should plan to include in the financial plan are the balance sheet, income statement, cash flow statement, and the farm project budget as a whole.