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Yahoo Sign Up, Open Yahoo Email

To open a Yahoo mail address, we first open the yahoo mail registration page. On the page that opens, we are asked to enter our personal information in order to register for yahoo mail.

Yahoo company , it serves many sectors worldwide. More precisely, it would be more appropriate to say that he is among the world giants. Yahoo is easy to use like other mail platforms. 

With Yahoo providing us with 1000 GB of mail space, your incoming mails will not be lost anymore. After you start using the Yahoo mail address , you can use the yahoo mail you received while registering for social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Hi5, Linkedin . Most people now use e-mail addresses not for communication but for opening social media accounts.

How to Open a Yahoo Mail Address?

To open a Yahoo mail address, we first open the yahoo mail registration page. On the page that opens, we are asked to enter our personal information in order to register for yahoo mail. 

We start the registration process by writing our name and surname. Then we set a username for our e-mail address. Note that the username has not been taken before. When you select a username that has been used before, the system will warn you with red letters “There is already a Yahoo account with this e-mail address”.

 But when you choose an unused username, no text will appear. After choosing our username, we need to set a password. When creating your password, let’s make sure that it has at least 8 characters, using uppercase and lowercase letters and special characters.

Nobody can easily steal the accounts you create in this way. Subsequently, we are asked to write our mobile phone number. We need to write our mobile phone number correctly. Because when we forget our password or our account is stolen, we can reset our password using our mobile phone number.

 So if you are going to make important mail correspondence, you should definitely write your mobile phone number. After you write down the mobile phone number, you mark your date of birth on the table or you can write it by hand.

Finally, we mark our gender and click the “continue” button. If there is no mistake in your personal information, your account will be opened. The system will warn you in red text when there is an incorrectly written or incomplete field. You have now created your account, here you can enter your yahoo mail address and mail the person you wish throw or receive mail.


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